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A LoveBox is a way to bring together years of special moments into one beautiful creation.

Rather than giving generic gifts, the Lovebox is customizable, showing them how thoughtful you are!

The Lovebox is sentimental, and is the perfect way to show someone you care.

Choose Your Gift Box

Your Photos

How it works?

Making Someone's Day Has NEVER Been Easier

step one

choose your design

step two

upload your photos

step three

Chose a Gift Box


The LoveBox arrives fully assembled and ready to be gifted if you add photos. If you would like to add a gift to the inner box you can do so upon arrival. If you do not upload photos the LoveBox arrives assembled with blank flaps to paste your photos.

After Clicking Customize My Box you will be brought to a page where you can select images.

If you live inside the USA we ship directly from our warehouse in New York via USPS Priority mail. Your package should arrive within 1-3 days after the shipping has been dispatched. Please allow for 1-3 days for the package to leave our facility.
If you live internationally we ship via USPS International shipping. This typically takes 1-3 weeks to arrive depending on your country.

We process payments through Stripe PCI compliant platform.
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle credit card and debit card information. Defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, the standard was created to increase controls around credit card data to reduce credit card fraud via its exposure.
We don’t see your credit card information – so you can rest assured your data is safe.




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